I’ve always thought that censorship itself is something really stupid but I slowly managed to get used to beeped out super-gross words like fuck, shit, drug, vodka, bleed, smack, nuclear war, etc… I even found the way to ignore how idiotic is to blur out middle fingers or cigarettes. BUT blurring the gold dust that Snow White was snorting in Sonne's video was just too much for me. I mean. Why.

There are three kinds of Buckethead haters.

  1. Who only heard his slow, emotional, relaxing songs. They’re like: “His music is overrated, it’s so simple, Slash is way more professional.”
  2. Who only heard his fast, robotic, complex songs. “He plays without soul and heart, he only has skill but no emotion. He’s not a real musician like Slash.”
  3. Who just look at him. “OMG he wears a bucket on the head. Such a weirdo. SLASH FTW.”

Must be a kickass barbershop.

I am the mountain
I am the sea
You can’t take that away from me

the stump of the cork tree